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7 Show-stopping Reasons Video Marketing is the Blockbuster Small Businesses Need

Imagine a world where businesses battle in a bustling digital Hollywood. Amid the sea of static pitches and standard promos, a rising star emerges: a captivating video that steals the spotlight! This isn’t a scene from the latest blockbuster; it's the power of video marketing in action. And here’s the plot twist – you don't need a Spielberg-sized budget to make a Spielberg-esque impact. With 85% of internet users in the U.S. being regular video consumers, small businesses can truly roll out the red carpet for this game-changer. Need convincing? Let's dive into the reel reasons video marketing is ready for its close-up in 2023.

Why Video Marketing Deserves an Oscar:

1. Rolling with Engagement

We all have a bit of movie buff laziness in us. Why trudge through text when video gives us the front row seat? Our brains process video 60,000 times faster than text, and an astounding 95% of viewers retain the video's message, compared to a mere 10% from reading.

2. SEO's New Leading Star

Goodbye, static content; hello, video! Websites harnessing video up their chances of securing that coveted front-page Google spot by 53%. Talk about a box office hit!

3. Trustworthy Box Office Hits

Like any good documentary, videos allow a transparent peek into the soul of your business. By showcasing real faces and stories, trust skyrockets. Remember, 57% of consumers mentioned videos boosted their confidence to purchase online.

4. Boosting Sales

The Climax - Think of explainer videos as the climax of your sales narrative. They don't just entertain; they convert. A whopping 74% of users watching an explainer? They reach for their wallets.

5. Social Sharing

The Encore - If you're aiming for a standing ovation on social media, videos are your ticket. They’re shared 1200% more than texts and images combined.

6. Diverse Genres

From animated explainers and testimonials to vlogs and tutorials, there’s a video genre for every business story you want to tell.

7. ROI

The Happy Ending - Return on investment in video marketing? 88% of video marketers reported that video gives them a positive ROI. So, it’s not just applause; it’s tangible results.

With McFarlane Marketing in the director's chair, your brand's story is bound to be a hit. Our expertise ensures not only visually stunning videos but also content that drives results. Check out this neat website we built with a video header

In the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, video content is the gripping plot twist we didn't see coming, but now can't imagine the story without. Much like the unforgettable scenes of our favorite films, a well-executed video can leave an indelible mark on its audience. If content is king, then video is surely the crown jewel. Ready to roll the credits on mundane marketing and star in your own epic tale of business success? Lights, camera, action! 🎬🍿



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