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Sharon Cumberbatch

CEO, McFarlane Marketing

Sharon Cumberbatch: Empowering Brands with Visionary Marketing

With an unwavering passion for creativity and a deep understanding of the digital marketing landscape, Sharon Cumberbatch leads McFarlane Marketing as the visionary force. As the CEO, she brings a proven track record of delivering highly successful marketing campaigns and crafting world-class custom websites. Having honed her technical skills at Microsoft, Sharon stays at the forefront of the latest design trends and innovative technologies, ensuring that her clients benefit from cutting-edge solutions that drive impactful results.

When it comes to establishing your brand, reaching new customers, or propelling business growth, Sharon possesses the expertise and experience to make it happen. Her innovative approach and genuine passion for design have made her the go-to marketing professional for ambitious companies seeking to elevate their organizations to new heights. Exceptional branding sets businesses apart from the competition, establishes trust, and ultimately drives sales and loyalty.

Sharon Cumberbatch, CEO McFarlane Marketing

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