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Running For Office In 2024?
Let McFarlane Marketing Super-charge Your Marketing Efforts

As the November elections draw near, there's no room for hesitation. McFarlane Marketing is here to supercharge your campaign with unparalleled strategies that not only reach but also deeply engage your audience. With the clock ticking, every moment counts to make a meaningful impact and secure your position. Let's ignite your campaign's potential now and lead you to a triumphant 2024.


Web Design

Online Advertising

Campaign Management Assistance

Social Media

Email Marketing



Donation Setup

Donation Setup

Brand Strategy

Flyers & Collateral

Graphic Design

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Campaign Packages
3 Pricing Packages

* Conditions Apply. Please call for added information.


Your Exclusive Custom Campaign Solution

Our Ultimate Election Campaign Package is the definitive choice for candidates seeking comprehensive support up to election night. Tailored for optimal efficacy, we ensure continuous engagement and strategic marketing every step of the way.

  • Complete Brand Strategy

  • Tailored 4-Page Website Creation

  • Social Media  and Email Strategy and Weekly Campaigns

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Online Advertising with Analytics

  • Photoshoots /Video Shoots

  • Strategy Adjustment Based on Analytics Up to Election Night

  • Collateral

Connect with us to discuss this further and obtain a custom quote.

Example Customer

Discover the power of strategic marketing with our spotlight client's transformative journey. Through a tailored web design that speaks volumes, McFarlane Marketing has elevated their campaign, setting a new standard in political engagement.

Kermit Thomas For Congess Website
  • Compelling Introduction
  • Donation Configuration
  • Photography & Staging
  • Attractive Site & Mobile Design
  • Clearly Defined Positions
  • Easy Navigation
  • Attractive Layout
Kermit Thomas Intro to his positions
Kermit Thomas Event Calendar
  • Event Calendar
  • Attractive Design
  • Compelling Photography
  • Generate Interest
Image of Kermit Thomas on his website position page


Explore a curated selection of our campaign collateral, where creativity meets strategy. From engaging digital ads to compelling posters and social media content, each piece is crafted to resonate with voters and amplify your message.

  • Postcard Mailers
  • Posters
  • Digital Ads
  • Social Media Graphics
Kermit Thomas Postcard Mailer
Kermit Thomas Postcard Mailer
Kermit Thomas Social Media Post on election day
Kermit Thomas Political Poster
Kermit Thomas social media ad promoting voting

Hear from Our Customers...

whitebg Kermit Testimonial.png

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Ready to transform your political campaign? Partner with McFarlane Marketing and let's create a winning strategy together. Your journey to success starts now—reach out for a consultation.


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